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History of Visser's Florist and Greenhouses

The history of Visser's Florist actually started in 1951 when Bill Visser, an award-winning floral designer decided to sell his flower shops in Holland and relocate to California. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1952 and first went to work at Cedric's Florist shop in Los Angeles. In 1956 Bill heard that Walt Disney had picked Anaheim California for Disneyland, and Bill decided that Orange County was the place to be.

One of Bill's first stops was Macres Florists, at 604 Lincoln Ave. in the heart of Anaheim California where owner Mary Macres decided to sell him her little flower shop. He operated that flower shop for five long years until 1961 when he built his ultra-modern flower shop right across the street at 701 W. Lincoln Ave. He bought the building and then bought several surrounding houses in order to create the 12,000 square foot floral landmark that Visser's is today.

Bill got married in 1953 and had two daughters, Lynda and Lori. Bill built an apartment above the flower shop so his daughters virtually grew up in the business. Both started working in the shop when they were very young, and in 1986 they bought the business from their Dad. For the next 18 years, the girls and their husbands continued to grow the business, until 2004 when they decided to sell the business to the Robinson family. Ted and Cathy Robinson, and their two sons Ted Jr. and Dennis took over the reins in September 2004, and continue to faithfully apply the principles and procedures that Bill Visser used to make the flower shop a Southern California landmark.

Throughout the years, Visser's Florist has won numerous awards and recognition. It has been a "Top 100" member of FTD for several years, out of the 20,000 plus FTD flower shops in the nation. Visser's Florist is proud to support many civic groups and charities in the area. According to Ted Robinson, "Nothing makes up happier than to be able to give back to the community that supports us so strongly."

Today, Visser's Florist and Greenhouses is the largest single flower shop and greenhouse in Orange County, with 39 employees, two fully-stocked greenhouses and thousands of flowers and plants. A fleet of modern vehicles deliver thousands of beautiful flower arrangements throughout Orange County. In addition to beautiful flower arrangements and healthy green house plants, Visser's Florist specializes in custom fruit and gourmet baskets, European style plant gardens, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, plant rental and plant maintenance service. Customer service is second to none.  With its 100% satisfaction guarantee, Visser’s is truly the place for all your floral needs.

Like Disneyland, Visser's Florist and Greenhouses recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. One can only guess about how proud Bill Visser would be to see what his little flower shop has grown into today.