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Plant Rental
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Our plant rental service is designed to fill a room with luscious green plants, for an affordable price.  Whether you need plants to fill a booth in the Anaheim Convention Center, or are having a wedding in an empty ballroom, or special meeting at your office, our plant rental service can work for you.  With thousands of plants in our fully stocked greenhouses, located in the heart of Anaheim, only minutes from the Anaheim Convention Center, our selection, prices, and service  is unmatched by our competitors. 

We have broken our pricing down to six categories to make it easy for you to decide which plants you need.  The below prices include the plant, dressed in a contemporary container available in white, black, or silver.  Please call us for delivery prices.  Orders totaling over $300 are eligible for free delivery to local destinations.

Desktop Plants

Small Desktop Rental Plants
$12 each
Small Desktop Plants include pothos, Areca Palms, Crotons and more.  These rental plants are perfect for adorning the top of a bookcase on display, or small end table.

Medium Desktop Plants
$22 each
Medium Desktop Plants generally include plants that are 2 feet high x 2 feet wide. They include Chinese Evergreens, Boston Ferns, Sanseveria (Snake Plant), ZZ Plant, Peace Lilies, and Scheffleras. These rental plants are perfect for a coffee table or desk.

Large Desktop Plants
$35 each
Large Desktop Plants generally include plants that are close to 3 feet in height or width.  These plants are great for filling large empty areas.  They include large Spathiphyllums (peace lilies), large Chinese Evergreens, and Sanseverias (Snake Plants).


Small Rental Trees
$35 each
Small Trees are perfect floor plants that are tall enough to be noticed, but too tall to take away the spotlight.  They include 3 foot Dracaenas, Craigi Compactas, Cat Palms, and smaller Ficus.

Medium Rental Trees
$45 each
Medium Trees include trees that range from 3 – 5 feet in height.  These are premium trees perfect for a showpiece in the corner of a convention booth, or in the corner of the room and meeting.  These are our most common rental piece.  Medium Rental Trees include Bamboo Palms, Dracaenas, Ficus, short Kentia Palms.

Large Rental Trees
$65 each
Tall Rental Trees include trees over 5 feet, up to 7 feet tall.  These tall rental trees are a sure way to get you noticed as they will make a big impact for any special event you are decorating for.  A few Tall Rental Trees include Bamboo Palms, Dracaena Lisa (Dark Green), Dracaena Massangeana (Corn Plants), tall Ficus, and tall Kentia Palms.

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