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Visser’s Florist & Greenhouses has been family-owned and operated in Anaheim, CA for fifty six years.  For most of that time we have provided Orange County with world class interiorscaping and plant maintenance service.  In case you aren't familiar with interiorscaping, it's where we come to your business (or home), and help you improve the look of your interior by adding beautiful plants and containers. 

After that, one of Visser’s trained Interiorscape professionals comes back on a weekly basis and takes care of the plants. They do all the watering, fertilizing, trimming etc., and, if for some reason one of the plants dies we replace it free.  That’s right, the plants are guaranteed for as long as you keep our service. 

Plants in the workplace have many proven benefits.  In addition to enhancing the overall look of the space, they create a better work environment.  A recent study from Harvard University says that people generally seem happier in a space with lots of living plants. 
Interiorscaping Purchasing and Maintenance of Plants by Vissers Florist

Also, it’s no secret that some office settings are more polluted than the outdoors because they are tightly sealed to make them "green".  Unfortunately they also contain synthetic materials that can emit harmful vapors that stay trapped inside.  The good news is that a recent study by NASA shows that several common houseplants do an amazing job and cleaning the air of these harmful pollutants.  Visser’s Florist and Greenhouses stocks several of these plants ready to install in your office.

In fact, Visser’s Florist and Greenhouses stocks thousands of plants in our two greenhouses.  And, we have hundreds of containers to match or enhance any interior.  Visser’s is a national distributor of Gainey ceramic and fiberglass containers.  Gainey Ceramics is well known as one of the top producers of high-end, environmentally friendly pottery in the world.  These containers are perfect for updating the look and feel of your place of business.

So, why not call us today.  For a low monthly fee, one of our trained professionals will come to your office or store on a weekly basis and care for your plants.  In addition, we can help you select the perfect plant and container for any location. 

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